Rector's Message

Mankind has passed through from the agricultural society to industrial society, from the industrial society to information society. While labor was a function of labor and capital in the past, today, it is the function of producing information and doing innovation. In the information age, the most important contribution to the economic growth of the countries is the brain power of the educated. The educated people are self-conscious and they provide economic growth and prosperity by producing quality products with high efficiency. Universities are country's pioneering institutions in a civilization of a race. Basic tasks of the universities are to train well-informed, trained, skilled manpower that the country needs, and to put in the knowledge generated by scientific research for the benefit of all mankind.  

Science, research and technology are part of a whole. Scientific knowledge is the base of technological development. Having a strong economy and social welfare of a country capture through technology development and innovation, with technologically advanced features, high quality, world class, high value-added products and IT-producing sectors of the industry. For this reason, technology development and innovation, giving birth to highly qualified work force to minimize unemployment, raise living standards. Conscious of this fact. University creates its policies in this direction. We consider that healthy and well-educated society, a clean and ecologically preserved environment should be seen as most important condition for the creation of economic growth. 

With the World-class education, training and research activities of the university, our university will train individuals who are professionally competent, sophisticated, analytical thinkers, collaborative, constructive, researcher, entrepreneur, free, critical thinker, and productive. By using the modern educational methods, and applying knowledge and skills required by the market, the objective of our university is to train people whose perspective is broad, conscious of environmental protections, social and ethical values, self-confident, well versed, respectful, tolerant, and sensitive to the problems of the country and the world. Our undergraduate students are expected to adopt the principles and reforms of Atatürk. One of the primary goals of our university is to graduate people who are not looking for work, but setting up a business and contributing to the economy of the country by this way.

University-industry cooperation and in particular increased efficiency of national economic development and promoting the welfare of society in this way are very important needs in all respects. With the university-industry cooperation, by applying active learning system (research + learn + Apply) to our university techno-entrepreneurial individuals will be trained. Techno-entrepreneurs are entrepreneurs, who can dominate the innovation management with the ability of foresight and ability to create and develop market. Our university will be market focused and adopt the approach of organization which will encourage and develop a culture of innovation and collaboration.

The University will provide students the social, cultural facilities, peace and tranquility and also provide scholarships for the successful students. The modern campus is dominated by peace and modern equipped laboratories and library, which many students may prefer to have. There is qualified academic staff, a vibrant, lively, colorful and friendly campus environment, transport and dormitory facilities, spring festivals, concerts, tours, national and international congresses and conferences. Students will be provided with the cultural, artistic, social and sports facilities through which they will develop themselves.

Dear distinguished faculty members and students, I would like to invite you to become a member of the Nuh Naci Yazgan University established by the Higher Education and Relief Foundation in Kayseri, which is the cradle of many civilizations since the ancient times and one of the centers of our country's culture, art, science, industry and tourism. 

Respect and love,

Prof. Dr. Kerim GÜNEY