Charitable organizations built by Nuh Naci Yazgan are in the following;

•    Nuh Naci Yazgan Villager Student Dormitory (Kayseri): It came into service in 1939. Currently it has been active as the economic operation of Kayseri Higher Education and Donation Foundation. Many students and villagers had the opportunity to stay in, and completed their education and teaching.


•    Istanbul Higher Education Student Dormitory (Istanbul): It is a dormitory to accommodate the students, especially with the low-income, who came from Kayseri to Istanbul to have Higher Education. Opened in Laleli, the dormitory moved to a large dormitory building in Çapa because of the inadequacy of the former building.

•    Chest Hospital and Dispensary (Kayseri): It was built in 1943 in the center of Kayseri. It is still continuing the service of hospitals and dispensaries. A lot of people outside of Kayseri and Kayseri have found healing here.


         •    Behice Yazgan Girls High School (Kayseri): The High School was built at the bequest of Nuh Naci Yazgan. It is a high school built in 1969 in the city center of Kayseri on behalf of Nuh Naci Yazgan’s wife