• By applying modern training methods, training individuals who are professionally competent, researcher, entrepreneur, free, productive,             conscious of environmental protection, self-confident, respectful, tolerant, sensitive to the problems of the country and the world, and well             versed. In addition to this, we would like to train individuals who has advanced analytical thinking ability, a broad perspective, social and ethical values, critical thinking, who can benefit from the technological developments by preserving the universal values of this culture internalizing Ataturk’s principles and reforms and the capacity to implement his knowledge and experience to real-life problems with his strong social and cultural aspects; 
•  Providing the physical infrastructure and equipment that scientists need;
•  Achieving the objectives of quality in international standards;
•  Producing information and converting the produced information to social and economic benefit; 
•  Bringing the interdisciplinary studies to the fore;
•  Being an educational and research institution at national and international level;
•  Giving importance to the international scientific and academic cooperation projects;
•  Contributing to the development of the country and the region by putting emphasis on educational and research activities.